Here's a short guide to my posts.


Most of the posts will be in-depth reviews, detailing my suggestions on entrees and other tips, with ratings on the quality and taste of the food/drinks, the atmosphere and ambiance and the efficiency and friendliness of the service and staff. These posts will also have an overall rating at the top, next to "TL;DR," which stands for "too long; didn't read," meaning what's shown on the homepage is a very brief rundown of the restaurant. For more details, you can click on "read more" at the bottom. Lastly, reviews will also have the price range and number of visits I've paid to the restaurant.

Here's a price rundown:

  • $: Under $10
  • $-$$: Mostly in the higher teens, with some entrees around $12
  • $$: $20 to $30
  • $$$: $30 and above


Sometimes, I'll do updates, which will feature restaurants that I've revisited since my last post. In my updates, I'll highlight any changes to the restaurant, reasons for going back and thoughts about the place post-revisit.


Quickies are very short and quick reviews, which I'll do only when I think that the place is so fantastic or horrible that it doesn't need such a detailed review. It's my way of saving my readers the trouble of reading superfluous and redundant raves or rants.


DIYs — which, to be honest, I don't think I'll have that many — are my do-it-yourself recipe posts. I'm not much of a cook at all (total noob, actually), but I do love to bake and take on challenges to fix myself up something for my insane sweet tooth. These posts will most likely contain a link to other blogs from which the recipe originated as a way to pay my respects to those who went through several trial-and-error experiments to come up with their very own creations.

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