I'm just a small-town girl living in a lonely world called New York City (K, that's enough of Journey for now). I'm an editor by day and a food-lover by heart, and whenever I'm dropped into a new city or place, the most interesting part of the exploration for me is finding the best and most popular food, markets and restaurants. And since I'm in the #1 food city in the world, I'm determined to scope out and try everything.

As cheesy as it sounds, I really do believe that food brings people together. Food comas, on the other hand, bring awesome naps and, particularly for me, time to reflect on whatever I had just consumed.

That should give you a little insight on the blog title — these posts contain my thoughts whenever I've fallen into a food coma with a guide to what I thought to be good, bad, not worth your money, "meh," etc.

Now because I am living on a budget, most of my posts will probably be on food that's on the cheaper side, but I'll definitely try to squeeze in some of the high-end places as well.

Before this page turns into its own blog, I'll leave you to explore and join me on my food adventures. Happy eating!

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Twitter: @FoodComaLogs
Instagram: @chunchr
Pinterest: @chunchr
Email: chunchr@gmail.com

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