Friday, February 6, 2015

Quickie: The Cinnamon Snail


Cinnamon snail ($3), food truck spotted at Union Square

Overrated. Not really worth $3. I've had better cinnamon rolls before.

I'm not really understanding the hype for these cinnamon rolls, which is what I believe the famous food truck is known for. The roll was kind of tough and not as chewy and doughy, something that I look for in a good, indulgent cinnamon roll. The glaze was also nothing special, and the cinnamon filling was just alright. All in all, this tasted no different than a generic, store-bought cinnamon roll, so I felt a little duped.

I've read that their sandwiches, doughnuts and coffee are supposed to be good as well, so I'll probably give one of those a shot in the future. As for the ever-popular cinnamon snails, I'll pass.

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