Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quickie: EN Japanese Brasserie

TL;DR: ★★★★☆

EN Japanese Brasserie ... left me speechless. I don't think a full review is even necessary because everything (food-wise) was amazing. So, here's just a bunch of pics of the two tasting menus that we ordered and shared cause pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Blech, cheesy.

We got two of the tasting menus, Soyo Kaze ($65) and Sakura ($105), and both were seemingly endless and beautiful. Here are some of the highlights (please excuse the subpar quality — the lighting was quite dark!):

Sashimi collection. Left is from the Sakura menu, right is from Soyo Kaze.

That black sauce on the bottom left (a black sesame tofu sauce) was like crack. Incredible.

Lobster with miso butter and uni from Sakura

Miso black cod from Soyo Kaze

Egg custard with black truffles from Sakura 

This one stole the show for me. I will never forget you, egg custard <3

Fresh-scooped tofu from Soyo Kaze

Stone-grilled chicken from Soyo Kaze

Eel on steamed rice from Sakura 

Chestnut panna cotta and green tea cookie form Sakura

As delicious as the food was, there was one drawback from my experience: the slow service. Granted, omakases are meant to be enjoyed leisurely, but we were here for THREE hours, and the last half hour was spent waiting for the check. Though I appreciated that they didn't rush us, it would've been nice if they had been a little more attentive especially toward the end.

Nonetheless, EN is definitely worth the high price if you're looking for a way to treat yourself. Obviously, going regularly for the tasting menu would probably be impractical, perhaps even just downright stupid, but for the occasional splurge, EN would be good to keep on your radar.

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