Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lazy Latte Log: Ninth Street Espresso

TL;DR: ★★★★★

Flowers, Wi-Fi info, cup sizes, espresso machine
10th St. & Ave. B, among other locations

Amazingly smooth, silky and luxurious latte. Not too bitter, not too milky. Gotta hand it to Ninth Street Espresso for the best latte I've EVER had.

Loved the super minimalistic and quaint space in the Tompkins Square location. Not too many tables/seats, so it's not the most ideal place if you plan on staying a while.

Baristas were nice, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were a tad coffee-snobby. According to a friend, you can get in trouble for calling a latte "espresso with milk," which is what's on the menu.

Kinda pricey, but that was expected, especially since they're so famous. Definitely worth $4 for the latte.

Not the prettiest but definitely the most delicious latte