Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lazy Latte Log: Third Rail Coffee

After doing a quickie post on Ninth Street Espresso, I decided to make these brief coffee reviews into a series — Lazy Latte Logs (see what I did there? With the alliteration? *high-fives a million angels*). Each Lazy Latte Log will feature (most likely) a cup of latte from coffee shops with a short blurb — hence the "Lazy" — of what I liked and disliked. I'll shoot for uploading these weekly, but I won't make any guarantees since, you know, life happens.

So for this week, it's Third Rail Coffee in the EV.

TL;DR: ★★★☆☆

Latte ($3.75)

I'd first noticed Third Rail Coffee in its original location, Greenwich Village, but never got a chance to try it until today, when my friend and I went in for a quick post-yoga caffeine fix. Much like most trendy, nonchain coffee shops, this no-frill, simplistic place had very little space, with only a few tables and seats for to-stay customers.

The service was swift, and the prices weren't too bad, but the latte was kind of disappointing. While I did enjoy how strong the drink was, something about the taste and texture was off. The ratio of bitterness to milkiness was not as balanced as expected; it was definitely a little too bitter (probably even for a shot of espresso), which made the aftertaste slightly unpleasant. The texture was also kind of weird — most certainly not as smooth and silky as I'd hoped — and a bit gritty and grainy.

All in all, I wouldn't say it was a total waste of $3.75, but Third Rail would not be the first place I think of when looking for the best cup of latte.

Bonus pic: cappuccino (also $3.75) and latte


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  2. Have you tried cafe grumpy yet? The chelsea location is great with decent seating and even a back patio. Very smooth cortado and cold brew iced coffee. Sumptown and kaffe 1668 are other favorites i return to often. Avoid everyman espresso and Joe.

    1. Cafe Grumpy has been on my list for soooo long — I need to try it ASAP! I actually enjoyed Joe but agree with Everyman, pretty underwhelming.