Monday, March 31, 2014

Lazy Latte Log: Birch Coffee

TL;DR: ★★★★★


Latte ($3.50)
(14th St. & 7th Ave., among other locations)

For a quick, morning coffee session with a friend, I suggested we go to Birch Coffee, another place I'd been meaning to try. And I can see why it's all the rage — the coffee is indeed very good. I got my regular, latte with skim, which set me back $3.50. Not bad for a hipster-y, popular coffee shop.

The latte was silky-smooth as it slid down my throat, and it had an intoxicating aroma. The flavor was on the mild side, but it was definitely still prominent enough for me to appreciate the quality of the espresso. I wouldn't have minded if it was a little stronger, though, which is why I was on the fence about giving this four or five stars. But the muted-yet-still-rich taste was good enough for me to really enjoy this cup.

Years-old iPod Nano cameo. Who else still uses one of these???

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