Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update: Amedei's Hot Chocolate

So apparently, my review on Amedei's chocolate tasting event not only got some reads, but it also caught the eyes of the Amedei team! Just one day after the post went live, Amedei contacted me specifically about the hot chocolate that I reviewed.

They explained to me that on the night of the event, there was some sort of a mix-up with the hot chocolate machine, which yielded a less-than-perfect product that was unrepresentative of what is actually sold in the store. Then they very kindly extended an invitation for me to come try the "real thing," provided by the store, and I gladly accepted.

The next day, I went to the store's loft, the same place where the event was held, and was greeted by store owner Pepi, who is also the owner of Tarallucci e Vino next door (while I've never been to the Flatiron restaurant location, the East Village cafe has great lattes). We sat down, and I had a cup of their hot chocolate while learning more about Amedei, the products, the store's chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri — who is apparently the first female chocolatier in the world! How cool — etc.

 Hot chocolate

The first thing I noticed about the hot chocolate when Pepi brought it out for me was how beautifully it glistened — I could tell how smooth the texture was even before taking a sip. The color was also a gorgeous deep brown, definitely a lot darker and richer than the drink that was served at the party.

The consistency and texture

After taking note of the appearance, I took a sip, and I was right — it was amazingly smooth and rich, just as it looked. I also noticed that the hot chocolate wasn't overly sweet and decadent as other sipping chocolates, a quality I appreciated. A lot of times, those super rich and thick drinks can be a bit overwhelming for your taste buds and sometimes even your stomach, but Amedei's isn't like that. This drink also doesn't leave a gritty, plaque-y feeling on your teeth, which is great cause I hate that.

I also really loved how pure the product is. According to Pepi, and the back label of the retail hot chocolate mixes, the ingredients that go into making this luxurious drink are only cocoa, cocoa butter, vanilla, almond, milk, sugar and hazelnuts. It's definitely a plus knowing that the drink is not filled with toxins and chemicals — something very appealing to health nuts out there, I'm sure.

Line-up of hot chocolates

Though, I must note, there are a couple of downsides to this delicious drink (because nothing's perfect, right?). One of them is that because the drink is so smooth, it can also feel a tad too greasy/fatty, which is not the most pleasant feeling. That's probably inevitable because of the cocoa butter, but I still thought it could've used a bit less fat.

Another thing that's a bit of a bummer is the price. At only 200 grams, the hot chocolate mixes (which are NOT a powder — they just look finely chopped chocolates) are $30. Sure, they'd make really awesome gifts to chocoholics like me, but if you want to drink this on a regular basis, you'll unfortunately be doing some serious damage to your wallet.

But overall, I am very, very glad that Amedei so generously provided me with a cup of their gorgeous hot chocolate. It truly is a high-quality, perfectly rich and decadent product — you can't be disappointed.

*NOTE: Though Amedei provided me with the hot chocolate, this is NOT a sponsored post. I.e., all statements expressed are my genuine, honest opinions, and I was not compensated to write my review in any certain way.

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