Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Noms in Asia 9: Harbour Restaurant

Going back to my Noms in Asia series, the last restaurant I want to talk about is Harbour Restaurant in Kennedy Town. Just minutes away from my brother's apartment, this was a seafood restaurant offering some traditional Cantonese food (surprise, surprise). Though the restaurant itself seemed a little dingy, we were very pleasantly surprised with the food — everything was so fresh, delicious and different from the Chinese food I'd had before.

I can't remember the prices exactly, but I believe everything was around USD$15 — not too bad, though the portions weren't the biggest (apparently nothing in HK is). 

So here's what we had in no particular order (since everything was good):

Crispy Rice Seafood Soup 
This dish was delicious and definitely different from other Chinese entrees. It was similar to the Korean nurungji tang, which translates to lightly burnt rice soup. But this had both the burnt and regular steamed rice in the seafood-broth soup, along with chunks of veggies and a generous amount of calamari and shrimp. The soup was so refreshing, the calamari was deliciously chewy, and the crispy rice had a nice crunch to it.

Razor Clams in Black Bean Sauce 
Another new food for me, these razor clams were so freaking good. Just like all the other seafood items on here, the clams were amazingly fresh and flavorful, and the black bean sauce had the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Plus, they look cool. (Cool, cool, cool.)

Peppercorn Shrimp
This thing was hot and steaming when it came to our table. The dish had big pieces of shrimp with lots of whole peppercorns, bell peppers and green onions, and all the ingredients worked together very well. It was, however, incredibly peppery — like kick-in-the-crotch peppery — and the shrimps were annoying to peel, which I guess isn't necessary, but I don't like to eat the shells.

Fried grouper with creamed corn sauce
This was my first time trying grouper! How exciting — and delicious! These fried fish nuggets were so, so, so good; I think it was one of my favorite entrees. The shell was so light and crispy, and the fish was really tender on the inside. The nuggets came with a "creamed corn sauce," which was a goopy, delicious and slightly sweet concoction that went very well with the fish. It was a really interesting combination, I thought, as I devoured this dish.

Harbour Restaurant was definitely one of those places where you really can't judge by the looks of it. We were all very satisfied with our meal — I mean, where else would I have tried the perfectly fried grouper with a corn soup/sauce?

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