Friday, January 17, 2014

Noms in Asia 8: Dim Sum

A trip to Hong Kong without dim sum would've been a trip wasted, amirite? Already a huge fan of dim sum, I had to try the traditional Cantonese food in the region from which it originated. And to no surprise, all the dim sum dishes I had were SO good, which is why I'll make this post a quickie and try to dial back the rave.

On a fine, sunny day, we trekked over to City Hall Maxim's Palace and was surprised to see a ton of people already inside (it was around 11 a.m.). Luckily, we had just beat the rush and got seated right away.

Menu at Maxim's Palace

Maxim's Palace was like one of those restaurants where you're placed in a large ballroom-type room, and the servers come around the tables with carts of dim sum. We took a quick scan at the menu, and ordered the classics — shrimp and pork shu mai, BBQ pork buns, steamed rice and meat wrapped in lotus leaves, etc.

Here are some of the dishes we ordered:

Lotus leaf wraps, veggie dumplings and shrimp shumai

My favorite out of the bunch: fried and salted squid. This thing was unbelievably fresh, crispy and chewy.

We also went to Crystal Jade inside the IFC Mall, and I insisted that we get an order of the xiao long baos, or soup dumplings. These little pockets of meat, veggies and soup were amazingly delicious, and I didn't burn my tongue for once (trust me, that's quite an accomplishment)! 

Xiao long bao at Crystal Jade

I definitely expected the dim sum in Hong Kong to be good, but I was still so blown away by how fresh and flavorful everything was.

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