Monday, January 20, 2014

Event: Yelp Holiday Hangover Party

Sorry, but I went to another awesome event tonight, so I'm gonna have to interrupt my Noms in Asia series just one more time. This time, it was a Yelp-sponsored party!

A couple weeks ago, I received an invitation via email from Yelp for a "holiday hangover" party held on two yachts — HOW COOL DOES THAT SOUND? I was very excited and RSVP'd as soon as it opened ... well, tried to at least. There were so many invitees trying to RSVP at the same time that the Yelp site crashed for about a good 20 minutes *ENTER PANIC MODE*. After frantically refreshing the page about 5081308401028 times, I finally RSVP'd and got the confirmation email to officially be on the guest list with my +1 for the Hornblower's Infinity boat, going out of Pier 40 at Hudson River Park.

Inside, second floor

In this free-everything event — entry, food, drinks, photobooth, etc. — there was so much amazing food and drinks, A LOT of people, and even great entertainment including stand-up comedy. The yacht itself was beautiful and very clean, and the view, of course, was breathtaking.

There were so many incredible local food vendors serving tapas-sized samples of their products, and it seemed everything was very well organized and executed. My favorites were definitely Dinosaur BBQ's pulled pork sliders and Joe & MissesDoe's clam chowder, along with Press Tea's cheesecake souffle and apricot white chocolate scones. Other great vendors included Yerba Buena, Xe May Sandwich Shop and Melt Bakery.

*The venue was very dark with colorful lights, so all of my pictures are, to say the least, shitty, for which I apologize. But I did try my best to get the most natural lighting possible for my food pictures, so bear with me.*

Mozarrella & Vino's booth

(L) Joe & MissesDoe's clam chowder and Dinosaur BBQ's pulled pork slider
(R) Roti Mediterranean Grill's grilled chicken, hummus and veggie pita pockets

Desi Food Truck's Biriyani
I am so, so, SO glad I got to attend my first Yelp event and that it turned out to be a great experience. Here's to hoping that I'll be invited to more of these in the future! 

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