Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Event: Amedei's Launch Party

GAH, I'm so late to the game in reviewing the amazing chocolate tasting event Amedei held! But better late than never, right?

This was such a great event that I had to upload a sneak-peek post as soon as I got home from the party. I snapped so many photos, so this should definitely be a visual-heavy post!

Centerpiece and cards on each table

A few weeks ago, Amedei had reached out to me via email to come to their launch party, which was conveniently located at a beautiful loft just a block away from my office. So during my dinner break, I headed over and was surprised to see such an incredible spread. 

The first thing I tried, after I was so kindly greeted by the Amedei staff, was their hot chocolate — look how cute the little glass is! Although this was a good hot chocolate, I gotta say it was a bit underwhelming as it was a lot less thick and rich than I expected. Amedei being an artisan chocolate shop and all, I thought its hot chocolate drink would be one of those super thick sipping chocolates, like the ones at City Bakery and Marie Belle. But again, this was still a good, tasty drink — definitely a good start to the chocoventure (HAHA, I'm lame) I was on this night.

Hot chocolate

The next thing I saw was this three-tiered display of chocolate samples, 70% cacao pieces made with beans from all over the world — Madagascar, Grenada, Venezuela, etc. I tried some on the spot and took a few home so I could get a taste of each, and omg, they were all so beautiful. This plate was a dark-chocolate lover's heaven — all the pieces were so creamy with that bitter kick from the cacao (though my favorite was Grenada); it would be great with coffee. 

70% cacao samples

Then I wandered over to this lovely display, which had rough-cut samples of white chocolate, 70% cacao, their special 9-bean blend and the Toscano nut brown ganache. At this point, I had died and gone to heaven. The Toscano nut brown was so amazingly good, I kept coming back for it throughout the event even though my heart was racing like crazy, and my hands were shaking. It had the perfect balance of sweet and nutty, and of course, the texture was incredibly creamy and decadent. 

More glorious samples

The 9 was interesting too — definitely darker than the Toscano but also really delicious. I'm more of a milk-chocolate person, so I preferred the Toscano, but for a dark-chocolate lover, I'm sure the 9 would've been orgasm in chocolate form.

Close-up of my two faves: 9 and Toscano nut brown

I made my way to the back of the room, where they served chocolate fondue with veggies! What a great idea, I thought. The chocolate in the fondue was the 70% cacao, and they had several pieces of veggies for us to dip into the chocolate, but I only ate the veggies because at this point, I was on a major sugar high, and I needed a break.

Chocolate fondue station

Then came probably my favorite part of the entire event: savory appetizers with Amedei chocolates. I had two of them, one of which I didn't get a chance to snipe a pic, and they were both so creative and delicious! The first one I had was a white-chocolate cauliflower soup, and it was a great break from all the sweets. The thick and creamy soup, served in the same cute glasses as the hot chocolate, tasted savory at first but then left you with a sweet aftertaste of the white chocolate — LOVED it.

Another appetizer was the foie gras on toasted bread with watercress and some of the 9 blend chocolate. This also was amazing. I had never had foie gras before, so I didn't know what to expect, but I loved the silky texture and the salty bite, which was again well-complemented with the sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate.

Foie gras appetizer with 9-blend chocolate

But WAIT, there's (was) MORE!

After sufficiently overdosing on chocolates, I was about to head out when one of the Amedei staff stopped me for a gift bag. Inside the bag was a couple of their fine pralines, which were again incredible.

Gift bag with pralines

Needless to say, I am so grateful for Amedei's invite and generous services, and I would highly recommend all chocolate fiends to give this place a try. Although the prices are kind of steep, the chocolates are seriously one of the finest I've ever had, and they would make great gifts for anybody (because who doesn't like chocolate?).

Thanks again, Amedei! I'm pretty sure I'll be stopping by for some more of the Toscano nut brown, mmm.

*NOTE: All statements in this post are my genuine, honest opinions, and this post was NOT sponsored.

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  1. oh my god, they all look and sound so beautiful!!! :') especially the foie gras and the cauliflower soup!!!!