Saturday, December 28, 2013

Noms in Asia 4: Gal Bi Jjim

Recently, I satisfied another one of my massive cravings by visiting Hwang Woo Ri in Daegu for some more Korean comfort food — this time, it was gal bi jjim.

Gal bi jjim, another traditional Korean dish, is braised pork or beef ribs in a slightly sweet, soy sauce-based marinade, typically with onions, carrots, potatoes and sometimes rice cake. It's usually eaten with rice and several side dishes including kimchi as many Korean entrees are. 

Hwang Woo Ri had several different kinds of gal bi jjim, noodles (the traditional naengmyun) and soups (such as gal bi tang and dwen jang jjigae). We went with the classic gal bi jjim and dwen jang, a miso-based stew, and they totallllly hit the spot.

Gal bi jjim (갈비찜) in "medium"
Hwang Woo Ri in Daegu

Our dish was with beef ribs, which was insanely tender, falling right off the bone, and very well marinaded. The sauce was yummy without it being too sweet and had the right consistency (neither too thick nor too runny), and the rice cakes — which make the dish way better in my opinion -- were also perfectly al dente. 

The dwen jang was good too but not spectacular — it was just your traditional bowl of jjigae. 

All in all, my trip to Hwang Woo Ri more than satisfied the hankering I had when I was in the states. 

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