Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Noms in Asia 3: Seafood Kal Gook Soo

On a chilly winter day, I was craving some warm comfort food and immediately thought of kal gook soo as the perfect fix. But I wasn't expecting to get the biggest f-ing bowl of noodles* I had ever seen. Ever. 

Kal gook soo (칼국수) with clams and mussels
Daejeon, South Korea 

Kal gook soo is a traditional Korean noodle dish that's perfect for the cold weather and often sought during rainy days as a pick-me-up. It's usually made with a anchovy- or seafood-based broth, and the noodles are typically accompanied by lots of clams, mussels and/or other kinds of seafood, with onions and scallions.

In this massive bowl of noodles were a very refreshing broth, incredibly chewy (in a good way) noodles and oh-so-delicious and flavorful clams and mussels. And it only cost — get this — $6 per person! 

Too bad the kal gook soo in NYC costs literally twice as much (although they're still pretty good -- found at the Arirang restaurant in K-town). Or maybe that's good cause I'd probably get these too often for my own good.

*OK, fine, so this was for two people, but still, it was a HUGE portion for one person. 

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