Sunday, December 22, 2013

Noms in Asia 2: New Flavors of Peppero

"Peppero" is a very common snack in Korea, sold in probably every convenience and grocery store in the nation (and some in America! They can be found in most Asian grocery stores, Hmart and M2M in NYC, specifically). They're just like "Pocky" of Japan — long, skinny "biscuits" dipped in chocolate, almonds, etc. I've loved Peppero since I was a kid but hadn't seen new flavors of it since ... forever — until a few days ago!

I saw these "white cookie" and "hami melon" flavors (wtf is hami?) at our local grocery store, and I had to give them a try. The white cookie is like cookies and cream, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbles. And the hami melon, whatever "hami" means, tastes like a sweet, juicy cantaloupe — this one easily became my favorite kind of Peppero!

Peppero in white cookie and hami melon

Both are extremely delicious, and I'll definitely be taking some of these back to New York with me :)

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