Saturday, November 2, 2013

Update: Doughtnut Plant NYC Is Still Awesome

I came back to Doughnut Plant NYC a few times after my last post, and I gotta hand it to these guys. I've truly enjoyed every single doughnut here.

Valrhona chocolate doughnut, coffee (I want that mug!) and creme brulee doughseed 

Here's what I had since ...
  • Creme brulee doughseed: Lawrence the NYC Food Guy was right. This thing is the bomb. No questions asked — just get it.
  • Carrot cake: This is my absolute favorite! It's so flavorful, thanks to all of the spices, and the cream cheese filling is divine
  • Blueberry: No wow factor in this one, but it's still pleasant (possibly because I love everything with blueberry).
  • Valrhona chocolate: Again, not spectacular but still good, airy and chocolatey.

Blueberry cake doughnut

I've also been following them on Instagram (follow me here!), and they've apparently since added coffee cake and pumpkin flavors, which means I'll have to go again very soon (before they stop making the pumpkin doughnuts!).


  1. Doughnut Plant?

    I would love to see a pic of the carrot cake doughnut in all it's cream cheese filling glory though!