Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quickie: Oh! Taisho

TL;DR: ★★★★★

I've already been to Oh! Taisho so many times that I've lost track. How often does that happen?! (Hint: NEVER)

I have several reasons for why I keep going back for more, but the biggest is that the food is just that good (and fast and cheap and authentic)!

My absolute favorite thing to get here is the okonomiyaki, which is a savory pancake filled with a variety of ingredients. Oh! Taisho's specifically has a lot of veggies and seafood within the pancake, with a layer of chewy dried pork and bonito flakes on top, finished with Japanese mayo and a sweet brown sauce. This massive, thick pancake, which will only set you back $6.75, is heavenly and most definitely does not disappoint.


Another delicious item on the menu is the kimchi yaki udon, which is stir-fried thick noodles with kimchi, pork and a (slightly) spicy sauce. With the perfect balance of salty and tangy, this $7.50 dish is also worth every penny.

Other than the food, the super fast service is also noteworthy. Literally within minutes of ordering, the okonomiyaki is in front of you!

Some drawbacks about this place, however, are the wait and space. On weekends, especially from 7 to 10 p.m., it could take you hours to get a table, and there's hardly a waiting area in this tiny and very loud venue.

But, again, the amazing food and affordable prices keep drawing me back in here. It's indubitably one of my favorite places in the EV!

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