Sunday, October 6, 2013

Something for Everyone: Exit 9 Gift Emporium


An unexpectedly pleasant find with a variety of cute and quirky items.

3rd St. & Ave. A

Doing things a little differently again, here's a nonfood gem in the East Village: Exit 9 Gift Emporium. While waiting for a friend to check out Downtown Yarns just a couple doors over, I stumbled into this shop to see what they had to offer, and despite the slightly rundown sign outside, the venue was filled with cute, quirky, funny and even ridiculous things.


Thinking that the shop would be similar to Urban Outfitters' "Apartment" section, I was pleasantly surprised to find so many different items here. There were a lot of things which I wasn't surprised to see — such as journals, greeting cards and silly household items like a mustache-printed whiskey flask — but also things I wouldn't expect a souvenir shop-type store to have: delicate jewelry, candles and incense and even baby clothes and toys. 

Pretty journals and jewelry — loved the packaging of those earrings!

Regarding prices, Exit 9 had a decent range, but everything seemed to be on the more affordable side. The journals ranged anywhere from $5 (for ones on sale) to ~$20, jewelry was from $9 to $22, and the big candles were around $35.

Candles and incense (one of them — something dragon fruit — smelled amazing)

The employees were also very friendly and helpful — one guy told me he wished he had the guts to nakedly dance on some island when he was on vacation? (To which I replied, "Someday!" ...)

All in all, this shop was definitely fun to look around, making it a good place to keep in mind when shopping for, well, anyone. Exit 9 seems to have something for everyone.

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  1. wut. gotta check this out! my dream is to be a delicate jewelry wearing-incense burning hipster with journals.