Monday, September 30, 2013

Quickie: Luke's Lobster

TL;DR: ★★★★☆

Luke's Lobster's lobster rolls always leave me speechless (took me a while to even construct this very sentence).

 7th St. & 1st. Ave. 
More locations in FiDi, UES, UWS, Brooklyn, etc.

HUGE hunks of lobster meat, seasoned with a generous amount of pepper, sandwiched between two soft, toasty buns — this sandwich is simply perfect.

The glorious lobster roll

Note, however, that it is on the pricey side — $15 for just the lobster roll, $17 for the roll with chips, a pickle and a soda and $20 for the roll, chips, pickle and beer (but there are cheaper alternatives, which I haven't tried, including (just) the crab roll for $12 and the shrimp roll for $8) — and the portions are quite small. Also, the staff is not even close to friendly, and the seating area is a dud (at least in the EV branch): very few counter-style seats along the walls of the small venue.

But in the end, it's worth it. Every bite is amazing except for the last, which will leave you disappointed that you scarfed down the entire roll in .08 seconds.


  1. Holy shit. That lobster roll. O_O Don't mind my drool.