Monday, July 8, 2013

Eat, Write, Repeat


I like food and have (hopefully) blog-worthy thoughts about it. I'm on a mission to ...

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... in New York City.

Per my best friends' suggestions, I've picked up (what I hope to be) a new hobby, yayyyyy!

This blog will essentially be my Instagram account with much longer descriptions and less of the dumb (and in my case, way too specific because I like to troll tehehe) hashtags. I live in NYC, frequently eat out, annoyingly take pictures of the food I'm about to inhale and reflect on how the food/restaurant was as I fight the urge to fall into a food coma — might as well put those thoughts into words, right?

Since having moved to the #1 food city in the world, I've been trying to scope out and visit all the hyped-up places. And because it'd be pretty much impossible to try all the restaurants in the city (apparently, there are over 21,000 of them, wtf), I try not to go to a place I've been to, no matter how good of an experience I've previously had. Call me crazy, but partly due to the fact that I'm the most indecisive person who wants to know all the options she has before settling on anything, I'm on a mission to try as many places as I can while I'm here (for God knows how long).

As a journalist wanting to continue developing her writing skills, my goal with this blog, other than to keep it going for more than two weeks, is to be concise yet descriptive, subjective (I mean, they are my thoughts) yet fair and insightful yet entertaining. Follow me on this little journey of mine, and hopefully, for those who are like me, it'll help your decision-making process over where to go for dinner.

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